AFC urges M&CC to suspend parking meter implementation


In a media release today, the Alliance For Change urged the City Council to suspend implementation of the parking meter project. The full content of the release is below!

The Alliance For Change is neither supportive nor against the implementation of paid metered parking in Georgetown and has been monitoring the implementation of the Mayor and City Council/GEOPark/Smart City Solutions joint venture project.

The party recognizes the autonomy of the M&CC as the duly elected representatives of Georgetown and the M&CC’s legal right to (i) regularize parking in Georgetown and (ii) raise revenue to better manage the affairs of the city.

The AFC is of the view that the current arrangements do not appear to be in the best interest of the people of the city. The party therefore registers its serious concern with regard to the handling of this project from its inception to its current stage but specifically in terms of the lack of sufficient prior public consultation; the absence of transparency and of a competitive bidding process; the seeming lack of proper planning with regard to exemptions and the pricing and penalty structures.

The party has raised its concerns through Deputy Mayor Mr. Sherod Duncan but is concerned that the implementation has advanced without much compromise.

In view of the foregoing and with regard to the publicly expressed concerns, the party strongly implores the M&CC to suspend the implementation of this project and to:

(i) reconsider the pertinent aspects of the Ministry of Finance’s review of the project and
(ii) seek a second independent review of its contract with GEO Park/Smart City Solutions.

Further, the available documentation, suggests that the municipality may have overreached its authority on a number of matters including taxation arrangements, traffic arrangements and road ownership. The party views this with alarm as it does the apparent exclusivity and monopolization of paid metered parking in the city.