Bogus nursing school back in operation – defrauded students to protest president’s office soon

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Despite being closed down several times by the Ministry of Health under the previous administration, the unaccredited ‘American Health Institute’ continues to raise its ugly head in Georgetown robbing oblivious students, who have medical ambitions, of millions.

The school boosts its existence by incorrectly informing students that once they graduate, their certificates will be recognized by the Guyana Nursing Council which would allow them entry into the three local nursing schools in Guyana.

However this is not the case since these nursing schools operate with specific and rigid requirements for admission, and that the qualifications are not the same as that of the “Inter-American institution”.

Last year, Petrina Thom who was a student at the institute discovered the underhand scheme the woman was running which led to the woman’s arrest, subsequent release and weeks of protest action by students who were tricked into paying millions for a certificate that is not recognized anywhere in Guyana.

Almost 170 students were defrauded by the woman who gave her name as Nanda Kission, but has again reportedly changed it after encountering several additional financial mishaps with large financial institutes.

Thom told NewsNow that, “under the PPP government the woman was never fully brought to justice, but allowed to continue her career as a fraudster, taking innocent and hardworking young people.”

The woman has since reopened several other branches of her illegitimate school reportedly in Georgetown and on the Essequibo Coast which hundreds of unsuspecting students attending.

After Thom found out of her tricks again, she informed the police and the woman was confronted while conducting classes at her Peter Rose Street location and taken into police custody at the Brickdam police station, she was questioned then released without any charges.

Thom said after inquiring about the state of the case, “no reason was given for releasing her but I was later told that the matter is under investigation.”

Even after that last encounter, Thom was again forced to visit the Brickdam police station to give another statement on the matter after she was informed that the police had lost the file.

“I then went to the Police Complaints Authority and was told that the file has to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)… I was also told of many of the woman’s other transgressions which date back to 2002, so I believe this woman is an untouchable in this country.”

Thom has also expressed disappointment at President David Granger’s handling of the matter, “he promised us before he turned President to look into it and I am very much disappoint, it’s frustrating so every time I see him on TV I turn it off cause I am angry, hurt and frustrated at him.”

The students were expected to meet with the President but that fell through on a few occasions. They are now planning protest his office.

She has made her demands clear in this matter, “I just want justice, either she pays back or she is placed before the court and prosecuted…if I had defrauded others I would have already been prosecuted, imagine people going to jail for converting $500 to their own use and this woman lied to us and robbed us of millions of dollars and she is allowed to continue to do this to other hardworking Guyanese.”

Back in 2009, the female owner of the school, Nandranie Kissoon, was arrested following complaints made by scores of students to the Brickdam Police Station. The woman was ordered to refund students in excess of $250,000.

Prior to 2009, Kissoon, who has many aliases including Nalini Budhram, Donna Gomes, Nanda Kissoon, Nandranie Drepaul, Bibi, and Ms. Singh. She also paraded under the alias of Dr. Nevita Basdeo, the owner of a laboratory called Instant Lab; another fake establishment.