Govt says rental of the Sussex Street pharmaceutical storage bond undesirable


Government today pronounced on the Sussex Street pharmaceuticals storage bond issue concluding that the “arrangement was undoubtedly undesirable”

In a release from the Department of Public Information, it was stated that the government is exploring options to review and renegotiate the rental contract.

It further said, “Cabinet explored a range of options including shortening the lease period for the rental of the Sussex Street facility while expediting the search for another facility. Government agrees to secure its own pharmaceuticals storage facility and is inspecting suitable sites. The options of purchasing, constructing or leasing will also be explored. However, the conditions for the storage facility to be located within close proximity of the Georgetown port and be easily accessible remain applicable.”

The release said that Cabinet notes that the Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton has taken responsibility for the imbroglio and has publicly expressed regrets over the controversy that the rental of the Sussex Street bond has engendered. Further, the release stated that the Government is recommitting itself to managing the affairs of the state in a “transparent and accountable manner and to respect public opinion at all times.”

Cabinet recommitted itself to be vigilant with regard to all contracts and arrangements and assure the people of Guyana that efforts will continue to strengthen the delivery of health care services.