Housing developers given until February 2016 to deliver on commitments


The Minister with responsibility for Housing Keith Scott has set a deadline of February 2016 for developers to complete infrastructural works on their East Bank Demerara housing projects. He met Thursday with representatives from some of the private housing developments after visiting several sites earlier in the week which were mostly underdeveloped.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), those engaged included representatives from BaiShanLin, Courtney Benn Construction, Bradford Enterprises, Dax Construction, Sun Set Lakes and Odinga Lumumba.

The Minister expressed disappointment at the failure of representatives from BK Group of Companies to attend the meeting saying that it showed “great disrespect to the Government. It is the Government of Guyana that speaks on behalf of the people of Guyana and I shall not countenance that from Tiwari or anybody.”

According to Minister Scott, “amicable agreements” were reached with several of the Housing Developers who explained the reasons for delays in their construction of homes or preliminary infrastructure works. Commitments were given to ensure that new deadlines to begin works would be met, as were apologies by delinquent representatives, the Minister revealed. He explained that Government was “not about putting people out of business but to help them along the way, ultimately to the benefit of all Guyanese.”
All of those engaged, have given commitments to complete long overdue works. These will include the building of drains, electricity supplies and roads. Minister Scott said that it is important that revised construction schedules be set and progress maintained, in keeping with the new agreements, “I can safely say that movement has now begun. I will not be satisfied until I can see deliverables.”