Min. Jordan claims greater transparency and accountability

Finance Minister Winston Jordan (file photo)

Speaking at a workshop on Wednesday April 13, 2016, Finance Minster Winston Jordan stated that, “This administration has pledged greater transparency and accountability to the people of this country and we intend to deliver on that promise. People must ensure well delivered services for the taxes that they pay and its up to you to ensure we serve them creditably and effectively”.

The Minister was at the time underscoring the importance of value for money as he was addressing participants of a Monitoring and Evaluation workshop.

Participants of the Monitoring and Evaluation workshop
Participants of the Monitoring and Evaluation workshop

The Monitoring and Evaluation workshop which is being facilitated by internationally renowned facilitator Dr. Ray Rist, who was contracted by the government, to target employees in the public sector.

The Minister also said, “For you and the almost 900 public servants that have gone through this training session I would urge that a special session be arranged and dedicated to showcasing the changes you have been able to make in the institutions and programmes that you represent as a result of the exposure to this training.”

The Minister further stated that their participation must be seen as a broader initiative to implement a stronger and more comprehensive government monitoring and evaluation system.

He also explained that monitoring and evaluation not only helps agencies and individuals to find out and consolidate on what they are doing well, but also to identify the root causes of issues so that they can be able to take appropriate corrective measures.

The Ministry of Finance has been spearheading the implementation of this International Programme for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) initiative since 2010.

It is an Executive Training Programme that aims to provide managers and practitioners with the generic tools required to evaluate development policies, programmes, and projects at the local, national, regional, and global levels.

Today’s workshop was held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.