Ministry of Business to launch Coconut Awareness Week


October is traditionally Agriculture Month in Guyana so it was by no coincidence that the first ever Guyana Coconut Festival will be held during that month, from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 on the grounds of the Arthur Chung Convention Center (ACCC). Preceding the Festival will be COCONUT AWARENESS WEEK that will be observed nationwide with a wide range of events in all three counties – Demerara, Berbice and Essequibo.

This festival and all commensurate events are being staged in equal partnership by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Business which holds responsibility for Tourism.  In February this year, two Ministers, Hon. Noel Holder and Cathy Hughes who’d held the Tourism portfolio at the time, had signed a Cooperation Agreement to combine our various skills and facilities to quickly develop a new tourism niche product – Agriculture Tourism.  The Guyana Coconut Festival is the first joint venture.  

Coconut Awareness Week 2016 is being launched officially on Wednesday 24thAugust in the Boardroom of the Ministry of Business, 229 South Road, Lacytown, Georgetown from 11.30 am. Its primary objective is to re-educate our people about the diverse benefits of this super-fruit – the health and cosmetic benefits, the nutritional value, decorative value the shell, tree trunk, branches and fronds, as well as the many other ways for upcycling and down-cycling.