New movement aims to crush parking meter project


A movement is beginning to pick up steam in social media circles and will move to the streets soon for the disbandment of the recently implemented controversial parking meter system.

As the project continues to receive a luke-warm response from citizens in Georgetown, with many simply choosing not to park in metered zones, a petition has been prepared which seeks to have the project, in its current form, rescinded.

NewsNow understands the movement is being supported by a broad cross-section of concerned and affected citizens inclusive of public servants, entrepreneurs and operators of established businesses in the Capital City.

The Parking Meter project is being implemented by Smart City Solutions (SCS).

A source close to the group told NewsNow while there may be grounds for challenging the contract in court, the document remains tightly sealed, even to Councilors, who can only view it in the Mayor or Town Clerk’s office, before handing it back.  As such, the terms of the contract cannot be closely studied. The group hopes that it can generate enough support to pressure authorities into first making the contract with SCS public, with the ultimate intent of having it quashed.

The group says the project was forced upon the citizenry “without consultation, due process of competitive bidding and evaluation.”

A Facebook page went live on Monday evening under the name; Say No to Parking Meters in Guyana. A petition dated January 28, 2017, from “The Movement Against Parking Meters” directed to the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown and Government of Guyana, reads as follows;

We, the supporters of the “Movement Against Parking Meters”, object to the implementation of the parking meters in Georgetown on the following grounds inter alia:

  • The lack of transparency of the process.
  • The lack of adherence to the Public Procurement process.
  • The lack of consultation with the people of Guyana.

We, the supporters of the “Movement Against Parking Meters”, hereby petition the M&CC and the Government of Guyana to fully disclose and make public the following documents related to the imposition of parking meters in Georgetown:

  • The Feasibility Study.
  • The Impact Study.
  • All reports, minutes etc from Stakeholders’ meetings held prior to the implementation of the parking meters.
  • Evidence of the tendering process.

In the absence of any of the above then we, the supporters of the “Movement Against Parking Meters”, further petition the M&CC and the Government of Guyana to:

  • Rescind and revoke the current parking meter contract between the Smart City Solutions & M&CC.
  • Implement a transparent process that involves all stakeholders viz a viz the introduction of a parking meter system. In the event that the current contract between Smart City Solutions and M&CC is rescinded and due process is carried out we, the supporters of the “Movement Against Parking Meters”, would support the following inter alia:
  • A reduced parking fee that is affordable to all.
  • Special considerations and/or exemptions for certain categories of persons ie: residents, businesses, employees, etc.

We, the supporters of the “Movement Against Parking Meters”, are committed to the adherence to due process by the M&CC with regard to the implementation of a parking meter system.

NewsNow understands the group is planning to stage a number of demonstrations over the next few days in Georgetown, in pursuit of having the demands outlined in the petition, met.


  1. At present it appears that the consumer pays 14% VAT on both the purchase of the card and at the meter when it gobbles up your credit.

    The “movement against parking meters” will win because it is correct. There was no reason whatsoever to bring in a Foreign entity in as investor when there is no significant investment. The GoG could have easily paid for these few meter boxes and simply collected back the revenue from the City who would then be the largest beneficiary in the future. The process of acquiring paid parking in Georgetown has been seriously flawed and it is now time to recognise that. I think that the Citizens would have accepted controlled parking in the correct environment with the correct consultation.

  2. The VAT is on the parking and not the card?What is dat Mr Jordan? The card is the means.. Y even put VAT on the parking.We already paying Road tax. Come on.