Newly appointed Town Clerk vows to restore city to former glory


Newly appointed Town Clerk of the Mayor and City Council of region 4, Royston King says he will be guided by the principles of economic viability, environmental sustainability, efficiency and flexibility in his efforts to restore the city to its former glory.

In an interview with NewsNow on Tuesday, following the official announcement of his appointment, King noted that restoration efforts of the city will take on a two-pronged approach which firstly entails, ‘internal integration’ which is to have all departments work in tandem to, “deliver a high level of service to citizens and the way we’re going to do this is, we’re going to re-think, re-train, re-tool and re-organize the internal operation of the Mayor & City Council.”

King added that his next prong entails, ‘external adaption’ “putting the council in a position of awareness where it is able to respond to the dynamics of our environment and the needs of all of our citizens in all local communities…I believe the way we will be able to do this is through the building of strong partnerships with all stakeholders and in particular local communities.”

He is hopeful that his method with the support of the council will result in, “a clean, healthy, efficient, and economically viable and environmentally friendly city…the city is in crisis and we need to move together that is the council and all of its stakeholders to Georgetown a better place for all of us.”

King also raised concerns regarding non- functioning fire hydrants across the city and committed to raising this matter with the council to explore corrective action. He explained that fire hydrants in the city falls under the Guyana Water Inc. however, safety of property and citizens remains their mandate.

Architectural indiscipline continues to plague the city to its detriment, King noted. “Buildings are constructed without proper ventilation and without the requisite fire safety mechanisms…what you will find is that lots of the contractors are utilizing every area of space that they can find to do business and this is not good because they are then putting lives at risk in the event there is a fire because people will have nowhere to go or run and everybody is trapped.”

He has vowed to take action in this regard as well.