Vendors complain about conditions at new location


Vendors who were relocated from the pavements and surrounding areas of the Stabroek Market to the corner of Hadfield and Lombard Street, Georgetown, are complaining about decisions being made by the council as it relates to occupying the new plot of land.

NewsNow spoke to vendors at the facility today who said, the council will be placing two vendors in one space; something that they were not told when they met with Town Clerk Royston King and other officials from the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) on Friday.

“They say that they wanna put two vendors under one tent. That cannot work, for instance look at this stand here, how can you place two people with this stand here? (pointing to a stand that can be considered small for one person) And my stand, bigger than this stand here, so wuh gon happen with me?” the vendor said.

Contact was subsequently made with the Public Relations Officer at the M&CC Debra Lewis via phone, who confirmed same, however, she explained that it does not apply to everyone.

stabroek vendors new location 1 stabroek vendors new location 2 stabroek vendors new location 3 stabroek vendors new location 4 stabroek vendors new location 5“That is not so in all the cases, in the cases where you have persons doing top up and so on, the space is big enough to accommodate both of them but that is not in all the cases…” the PR officer said.

During a meeting with officials of the council on Friday, Town Clerk Royston King told vendors that they will have to continue paying a weekly fee of $1000 to occupy the new plot of land; a cost which was previously paid to clean the area in which they previously operated.

Given the understanding that some persons will be sharing a spot with another, the vendors question whether this cost will be decreased.

When asked by Newsnow, the Public Relations Officer affirmed that it will not be decreased, noting that “the $1000 is not for space, it’s to assist with the cleaning and maintenance in the area, it is not for space.”

The vendor also expressed concern with the ground level of the plot which she said is prone to flooding when it rains; a situation the council says it has no permanent plan to address since the land is privately owned. However, Lewis promised that the M&CC will be addressing any instance of flooding when it rains.

She noted that the council is currently looking at a building to relocate the vendors after three months.

“We’ll address that, remember this is just a temporary situation, we’re looking at a long term solution for vending which will be…we looking at a building, per say” Lewis said.

Additionally, while the vendors were told that they will be occupying the land from today, Saturday, May 7, 2016 during Friday’s meeting, the vendor explained that they were told that they will begin occupying the land from Monday, May, 09, 2016.