NGSA exams began today; English Paper 1 & 2 completed

NGSA timetable

National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) candidates have completed the first subject; English Paper 2 which was followed by Paper 1 this morning, and is currently preparing for Science Paper 1 & 2 this afternoon.

NewsNow visited a few schools earlier this morning around Georgetown where students were preparing to sit the exams. According to the responses from a few of the students we spoke with, they were nervous and excited to complete the examination, which will take them to the Secondary level.

This is the first year of an April sitting, as it was was traditionally written on the Monday and Tuesday following school closure for the Easter holidays. This would have resulted in the students writing exams earlier in March; 21 & 22.

The Ministry of Education had stated that the date for the NGSA sitting was shifted to “give teachers sufficient time to complete the Grade 6 curriculum and give students additional time within which to prepare for the Assessments”. The teachers had been advocating for additional time to complete their work for some time now.

Following the decision, it was communicated to teachers via a circular sent to the Regional Education Officers (REO) to disseminate to the Primary Schools within their regions.

Subsequently, the Ministry decided that the Grades two and four assessments will not be included in the NGSA results, as a change was made for these exams to only be used for its intended purpose. This was done to improve students’ performance during the primary level.

In the meantime, Education Minister Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine visited the Helena and the Gibson Primary School (Mahaica) respectively earlier this morning, as pupils were preparing to take the exam.