Nurses training facility needed in Berbice; old hospital location could be ideal


A training facility for nurses in Region Six and other areas in close proximity should be constructed and the ideal place for such a facility is the plot of land that the old New Amsterdam Hospital once occupied.

This proposal was made by the new Chief Executive Officer of the New Amsterdam Hospital, Colin Bynoe, during a recent interview with NewsNow.

Colin Bynoe
Colin Bynoe

“This is important because New Amsterdam hospital is close so doctors can go there to work with them. The fence is high enough so you can still find a space for them to relax in between classes and so on,” he said.

Currently, the New Amsterdam School of Nursing has issues as it relates to adequate classroom space to accommodate the large influx of nurses. Therefore, Bynoe is confident this will assist tremendously in easing the challenges faced by students at the school.

“We will also have the problem that when folks come for training in some places they do not have enough accommodation. So we can bring them from other regions and have this centralized training and from there send them back to their respective regions where they should go and work.”

The New Amsterdam hospital at Fort Canje in the vicinity of the National Psychiatric Hospital and the Canje Bridge, was commissioned in 2005.

Following that commissioning, several pronouncements were made by the previous Government on the future of the old structure and one of those included the establishment of a heritage site, but according to some persons, it was “all talk and no action.”

For years the old edifice was left unattended until vandals began dismantling it for their own purposes, until it subsequently collapse.

The old New Amsterdam Public Hospital was an outstanding example of timber architecture, and an architectural masterpiece designed by Cesar Castellani, an architect employed in the Public Works Department of the then British Guiana.

The building was officially opened in 1884.