The Cooler – just call me DPI


‘The Cooler’ starring William H. Macy was released in 2003.
Macy starred as Bernie Lootz. Simply put Bernie’s job was to turn winners into losers.
He was filled with such bad luck that sitting next to a player on a hot streak, in the Shangri La Casino where he worked, turned the players luck around immediately.

It seems Guyana has it’s own Bernie – our’s goes by the name of Khan.
Word on the street is that one meeting with Khan and your life takes a dramatic turn.

Following the election, representatives of the Granger administration met the heads of the state media entities, GINA, GNNL & NCN – many of whom were political appointments from the former administration.
Previous head of GINA Neaz Subhan at the very first meeting with Khan, a few weeks ago, in a form of ceremonial harakiri immediately offered his resignation .
At the time his resignation was refused and he was asked to remain (just for a few days, until the administration got a handle on things)

Mark Ramotar, Editor-in-Chief at the Guyana Chronicle, not being a disciplined Samurai like Subhan, did not understand that harakiri was expected upon Khan’s visit.
In fact, when questioned about his resignation Ramotar cited a meeting with Khan the previous day, proffering that no one requested that he resign. The writing was on the wall, clearly he missed class the day when the samurai master taught that lesson.

Rumor has it that people are now refusing meetings with Khan. No one is answering their phones without checking the caller ID first. Good idea.