Skeldon, Mibicuri & Port Mourant hospitals working to improve service

(file photo) Health Minister Dr. George Norton talking with Skeldon nurses

Regional Health Officials in Region six are working to build the capacity of the regional hospitals; Skeldon, Mibicuri and Port Mourant, to better serve the health needs of the citizens. This disclosure was made by the Chief Executive Officer of the New Amsterdam Hospital Colin Bynoe.

The CEO explained that the hospitals will see an increase in the number of nurses, so as to reduce the workload and attend to a number of patients in a timely manner. Bynoe is hoping that this will help them to restore confidence in the Berbice Health system once again.

The New Amsterdam hospital is the largest referral hospital for region 5 and 6, with more than 20,000 persons visiting the institution on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the re-evaluation of the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) had been in the pipeline according to a plan revealed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Health Ministry. Expressing concerns about the legitimacy of the BRHA, Health Minister Dr. George Norton had pointed out that there is no legislation that guides the body.

The board was enacted in 2005, and it was the former health minister who had authority to legalize the board. Yet, the document to effect this legalization was never signed and is currently in Dr Norton’s possession.

Minister Norton had said that while the intention of the BRHA is good, the fact is, it has no power to make decisions regarding health service delivery in the region.