Clean up Campaign is putting “nice clothes on a sick body”- Team Legacy


Dear Editor

Stockholm syndrome is sometimes subtle. Even intelligent, forward-thinking folks can fall victim to it. The basic premise is not that difficult – you starve someone of something they need long enough and when you finally toss them a few crumbs they clamor to it, all the while thanking you for your benevolence.

Take the city of Georgetown, for years it was left to deteriorate. Mismanagement, internal conflicts and squabbling between City Hall and Central Government resulted in many crises over the years. Some areas in the city received only the most basic services from the council and when they did it was sporadic and inefficient at best.

Our beautiful city was reduced to nothingness. Her spirit broken, her clothes torn and tattered and her citizens tired and frustrated.

Now, with a change of government and the relationship with City Hall somewhat amicable, the cleanup campaign has begun. Citizens are excited, and they should be, but dare I suggest that we deserve more.

As one member of Team Legacy puts it, “we are putting nice clothes on a sick body.”

Beyond cleanup campaigns, we need to transform our city. The job of City Hall extends beyond collecting garbage and cleaning drains. These are the most basic services and should be provided continuously and efficiently.

Local Government is also responsible for formulating strategic policies that will guide the community, providing an infrastructural and planning framework that facilitates economic community growth in the community, coordinating with local agencies like the police to establish Community Policing Groups for better security in our communities, prompting cultural and sporting events, tourism and more. A councilor should consult with residents regularly, to ensure they adequately represent the views of the community at the council level and devise plans for improved service delivery to the residents in the communities.

On March 18, place your X for a group that will fight for you. A group with a plan that incorporates all of the responsibilities mentioned.

Cleaning is just the beginning. Cleaning is just the tip of the iceberg.

Georgetown needs leaders that will bring fresh ideas and a new approach to Fix Our Forgotten Communities.

Michael A Leonard

Candidate for constituency 9

Lodge/Meadowbrook Gardens