Cleaning; shameless self promotion, inspiration or both


The move by newly elected President Brigadier Granger to renovate and restore the Independence Arch seems to have inspired quite a few to start cleanup exercises themselves.
Shortly after work began at the arch companies announced and launched their own campaigns, complete with social media updates and all. Private citizens have also organized themselves and are throwing in their two bits – in this case actually ‘picking up’ their two bits.

However all the efforts have not been met with wholehearted acceptance. Some have criticized the companies involved, citing their sponsored facebook updates as self promotion and questioning why they didn’t choose to cleanup before.
The same has been said of the individuals leading and involved in the cleanup efforts as well.

And it is a valid question. Why now?
What prompted seemingly complacent individuals and communities to spring into action at this time?
Just a few minutes speaking with some of the persons involved and the answer becomes clear.
Pride and hope.

As one person puts it, “If you have a dirty car and you have one drop off water you’re not going think about trying to clean it. But if you see someone with a bucket of water and others coming to clean with the little they have, you will be inspired to put whatever amount you can to help get the job done”

It seems the president has managed, quite quickly, to capture the nation’s imagination with his stunt at the arch being the catalyst the citizens needed to get them agitated and moving again.

Coincidentally, or luckily, the former administration had completely neglected the arch. It had become a home for vagrants, drug addicts and a convenient place for quick coitious, some say.
Additionally, with May 11 falling just a few days before Independence Day, it provided the President with the perfect opportunity to execute his plan.

The arch is barely finished and is already attracting scores of visitors all day.
Check your social media feeds and you’re sure you see your friends posting images of the arch.
An important monument that just a few weeks ago was all but abandoned and neglected, has now become a conversation piece and a must-visit location.


  1. It is called “LEADERSHIP THAT INSPIRES” it is proof that both Jagdeo and Ramotar, were more of a burden and a curse on the country that kept a dark cloud over it., and that cloud has now been lifted.