No perks to be had here…Urling moves on


Clinton Urling has shown that there are absolutely no barriers to breaking one’s own record at changing positions on an issue…over and over again.

The businessman turned politician, said just a few weeks ago that the People’s Progressive Party Civic was the “party of the future.” Fast track to a few days ago and Urling now says the PPP/C really has no future…at least not with former President Bharrat Jagdeo at the wheel. The fact that Jagdeo was driving the bus when Urling happily hitched a ride seems to have escaped him…or not.

Urling admits in his now infamous letter, that he knew all along that the Champion of the Earth was running the Freedom House show. “By the time I joined the campaign, it was obvious that former president Jagdeo was the party’s central figure and one easily got the sense that he was the man leading most, if not all, the party’s political and campaign strategies,” disclosed Urling.

But did Urling decide at that point to part ways with this one-man crusade? No. He in fact expressed confidence that the PPP would be successful at the May 11 elections, declaring that the party had the best plans for the country’s development and that he would now be playing a critical role from the inside; agitating for major changes. But why did Urling envisaged being able to bring about change then and no longer feels that way now? In his letter, the businessman said, “It will be a difficult task for the party if it continues on the current path with Jagdeo as de facto leader. Moreover, it would be difficult to attract, and in my case retain, the type of people who can help reinvent the party.”

But again; Jagdeo was the de facto leader of the party when Urling jumped onboard. Urling has made it clear that he knew this. Did he expect that following a PPP/C victory, the former president would have ridden off into the sunset?

Taken altogether, Urling’s apparent indecisiveness raises serious questions about his credibility and creates the impression that the businessman is more of an opportunist than he is an agent of change.  Out of power for the PPP seems to translate to a lack of opportunity for Urling to realize his real objectives, whatever they may be.

Meanwhile, and not surprisingly, the PPP has made it very clear that Urling has no authority to make such pronouncements about its revered leader, with General Secretary Clement Rohee saying at a June 1 press conference “his view is not that of the PPP.” Or as Mr. Jagdeo would say, “he is a private citizen.”

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  1. You rightly surmised it…Urling needed a quick fix to his ambitions, and, thought it could’ve been had through the PPP, same for Ms Africo Selman, as it is established that the PPP, in this new dispensation, rewards those who support them. Examples are rife in people who hadn’t a constituency but immediately upon the PPP’s success at the polls, were handsomely rewarded with high priced jobs to the exclusion of core supporters: Lamumba, Kwame, Steve Ninvalle, Joe Hamilton, Olive Gopaul, Neaz Subhan, Michael Gordon, Keith Burrowes, juan Edghill, Carville Duncan, Kwame Gilbert, and a long list of others. He sought his glory at the end of the PPP’s story and is now writing its epilogue.