20,000(CAD) donated to GECOM

Chairman of GECOM; Dr. Steve Surujbally and Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana; Pierre Giroux

The Canadian High Commission today handed over $20,000 Canadian dollars to the Guyana Elections Commission to be used to assist GECOM in the preparation for the hosting of Local Government Elections (LGE).

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana; Pierre Giroux stated that “Canada has always been a firm supporter of the electoral process here in Guyana and we were extremely pleased when we heard of… Local Elections. Local Elections are very important; they are part of the process which actually brings the government closer to the people; it fosters better inclusion…so we are very happy in the Americas to support such small processes.”

The monies will be used to improve the education program leading up to LGE. It will be used to purchase public address systems which will be used across the country as part of GECOM’s education drive, printers and projectors among others.

Chairman of GECOM; Dr. Steve Surujbally said the donation is timely noting that “we have a budget that covers a matter of things we want but there will always be some lapses and usually that will cost money. The things…e.g. getting the documents and manuals to political parties, we can do that in much larger quantities now that this extra money.”

It was disclosed that $3.74B was approved for GECOM with $1.908B for the conduct of LGE in the 71 local authority areas. The sum is being given to GECOM in tranches from the Ministry of Finance.

The agreement was signed at GECOM’s office on Monday morning.

The Chairman told the media that another such donation was made by the Indian High Commission to the tune of $8.3M to be used for the purchase of ATVs to aid GECOM workers in areas with a “rough terrain.”

GECOM has been stepping up its public education programme for the local government elections, recognizing that it will have to do more since a number of persons are still complaining of not having sufficient of what LGE is about and the processes included.