Nandlall says Sooba’s firing “illegal”

Anil Nandlall- Opposition MP

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has stated that the sacking of former Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba is illegal claiming that proper process was not followed to dismiss the former Town Vler.

Sooba was fired on July 1, by Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan. Her dismissal will take effect on July 7,

Nandlall on local radio show Hard Talk expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which Sooba and several other persons were relieved of their posts in the APNU+AFC administration.

According to Nandlall while, the new administration may have had issues with some individuals and their postings, there are legal channels available for those persons to have them removed.

He argued that Sooba would have had a contract with the government hence, Communities Minister Bulkan should have waited until that contract was up before dismissing Sooba adding that the firing is “illegal.”

In a letter dated July 1 and addressed to Sooba, she was informed that her appointment has been revoked but no reason was given.

“By virtue of the power invested in me at Section 116 (1) of the Municipal and Districts Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, taken in conjunction with Section 326 (4) of the said Act, your appointment has been revoked as Town Clerk,” the letter stated.

Sooba was sent on administrative leave several weeks ago during a heated standoff at the council’s statutory meeting.

The move was to facilitate an investigation into alleged misappropriation of funds stemming directly from her office.

Sooba was appointed by Minister of Local Government under the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration.

The Mayor, along with the Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene and other Councilors have in the past challenged Sooba’s competency and claimed that she was an imposition on the Council by the People’s Progressive Party Administration.



  1. Nandlall is living on some other planet, certainly no in Guyana. Sooba should’nt only be fired, she should’ve gone straight to jail. The lady if I should called her by that name is nothing but an uneducated **** which with the likes of Nandlall and his cronies foisted on the council to stymied all and sundry regardless. The *****, instead behaves as if the ppp would be there for her until death. May 11th burst the clown bubble. Happy early retirement Sooba. You had a nice run.