PPP slams door on National Unity talks with Nagamootoo


– Party has too much of a “dim view” of him

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) says that it will not be taking part in any National Unity talks led by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo since it believes nothing meaningful would be achieved.

This comes after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo would have rejected Government’s position that Nagamootoo is the best man to engage the PPP/C on the issue.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
“The PPP wishes to state that if such a move is part and parcel of the so-called “fresh approach” by the APNU+AFC then it is clearly a non-starter and will end up dead in the water. Knowing the dim view the PPP holds of Moses Nagamootoo, the APNU+AFC by insisting that he is their ‘best man’ who will head its team must know that that initiative will go nowhere,” the Party said in a statement.

The Party says that by pushing Nagamootoo center-stage it is now pellucid that the coalition’s objective is not to have any talks at all but to put the PPP/C on the defensive and to project the Party as refusing to engage in talks with the government.

“This appears to be a calculated move by the APNU+AFC to boost the sagging image of the AFC. It is doubtful that such a move will gain any traction and is therefore bound to backfire. Finally, it should not be ruled out that this ill-fated move with Nagamooto in the driving seat is perhaps in furtherance of a pre-electoral commitment made to certain external forces by Mr. Nagamootoo on behalf of the APNU+AFC,” the statement noted.


  1. If Jagdeo is so confident that the Prime Minister is incompetent why not participate and prove his belief. On the other hand he might be hiding his true feeling about how he feels about GUYANA.

  2. im so sick of humans refusing to live in peace and unity if the government wants a miracle then why not be the miracle that you want to see. and why is jagdeo still in the picture as opposition leader too the old people in this country are totally blinded from the head down while the young folks are seeing and living in there s**t every day. its just a waste we all live to die.