Ramotar ‘offended’ at decision to end Rodney COI

Donald Ramotar- Former President

Former President Donald Ramotar has taken offence to the move by the APNU+AFC administration to limit the life of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI).

The Government had stated that it would allow the Commission one more session to close up its operations and then present its findings to President David Granger. Those sittings were completed today, July 28.

However, Ramotar insists that the move was nonsensical given that the Commissioners would need just a few more weeks to wrap up their work in the right manner.

“I wish to take strong umbrage to the decision of the APNU+AFC Government to truncate the life of the Commission. I have no doubt that the Commissioners needed just a few weeks more to complete their tasks in a professional way. It simply makes no sense to bring the Commission to such an abrupt end to save a few dollars when hundreds of millions have been spent already and the Commission’s report will most likely be affected by the failure of the Commission to receive evidence from important witnesses who are yet to testify and from those who have testified already and who are to complete their testimony,” the Former President said in a statement.

He speculated that the decision to end the COI may have been enforced by a will to keep certain political figures such as former People’s National Congress Reform Leader Robert Corbin from testifying.

“I am therefore forced to wonder whether the decision to bring the life of the Commission to an abrupt end is one that is intended to avoid these witnesses from giving evidence and face cross-examination…I am satisfied that history will record that a PPP Government established a credible Commission of Inquiry into the death of Dr. Walter Rodney and that it was a PNC + AFC + WPA that killed that inquiry,” said Ramotar.