Sweeping changes to be made at GINA – Nagamootoo

Hon. Moses Nagamootoo- Prime Minister (file photo)

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has confirmed the APNU+AFC government’s intention to make major changes to its information agency – GINA.

The Prime Minister, who has responsibility for the Information Sector, told the National Assembly during a presentation on Thursday that a “complete shake-up of GINA” was necessary and would be done in the near future.

Nagamootoo said he was satisfied with the restructuring that had commenced at the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and the National Communications Network (NCN) and declared that it was time GINA act as a professional body to tell Guyana and the world what the government was doing.

“They must do this so that the informed populace can make better choices and not fall prey to the stigma of racism and appeal to ethnicity,” Nagamootoo added.

He said no more will staff at GINA be paid to wiretap and calls or intercept persons’ Facebook messages to serve a political “narrow” agenda and harass those who oppose the government.

“Because of the poor performance of GINA it had become like a heavy led pulling down NCN and Chronicle because huge sums of monies paid to GINA to give to the state news paper and TV were never paid over,” he added.

To this end, the Prime Minister reminded of the investigation which is currently underway in this regard.

He said the discovery that abuse had led to over $70 million being owed to the Guyana Chronicle by GINA was unacceptable.

Nagamootoo said the new state boards to be constituted will be staffed with professionals that have the interest of the entities at heart and little political interest.

Turning his attention to Linden, Region Ten, Nagamootoo said he has asked that situation there be corrected which will also be accompanied by restructuring of the Broadcasting Authority.

Linden had complained of being denied its own Television Station by the former People’s Progressive Party government.

Nagamootoo, who served as Information Minister under the PPP government, committed to ensuring Linden gets its own TV Station where they can benefit from more than one channels.

“Time has come return to the people the right to have programs they desire and serve their needs as is necessary,” he added.

Nagamootoo says the new government is open to the further liberalization of the information sector and has no interest in controlling the media.