GTT poised to deliver 10x faster internet by June


The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph company (GTT) will be rolling out some major plans this year that will see improved internet service across the coast, being offered at competitive prices.

Speaking at the company’s annual Media Appreciation Cocktail on Friday evening at the Grand Coastal Hotel, Chief Executive Officer, Justin Need said GTT is actively working to improve its services and customer relations in 2017. The CEO went on to provide several guarantees.

“My first guarantee is that by June 30, 2017, some of my fellow Guyanese will experience the fastest and most affordable internet that Guyana has ever seen. We are well positioned to support Guyana’s drive to bridge the digital divide and allow our beautiful land to continue grow and thrive,” he stated.

The Essequibo Coast will also benefit from a significant upgrade in its internet services.

“The second guarantee is to my beautiful people on the Essequibo Coast who have not had internet that is comparable to Georgetown and New Amsterdam. I guarantee that by June 30, 2017 you will have access to internet that is at least 10 times faster than anything you currently receive,” Nedd said.

The CEO further guaranteed that prices will be competitive and affordable for “everyone to enjoy our service.”

Touching on customer experience and the strengthening of GTT’s team, Nedd’s final guarantee shared with the media was to ensure customers have experiences that continue to improve and eventually consistently delight. “To make this happen, we look forward to feedback from our customers to tell us how we can improve,” he said.

“Overall, these we are very proud to invest more than $30 million USD in our beautiful land. I feel very confident that the GTT team is shaping up to be a unit that is ready and willing to serve Guyana and our customers,” the CEO added.

Touching on negotiations the company is currently undertaking with government on liberalization of the industry, he said, “In the latter part of 2016 and into 2017, GTT has had several meaningful and substantial conversations with the Government of Guyana. I must commend Minister Hughes and her staff and Commission General Godfrey Statia for their sense of urgency to get things done and forthrightness.”

GTT is continuing to work with government to push for liberalization and a level playing field to ensure that its current and future competitors operate with the same rules and regulations, the CEO stated.

“I firmly believe that we need to ensure that we have our land line rates reviewed prior to liberalization. We continue to provide the Public Utilities Commission the requisite information and support to enable them to make an informed decision,” he said.