Software Freedom Day


As part of a global celebration of Software Freedom Day, local techies will gather at Herdmanston Lodge on Saturday Sept. 19 to participate in discussions about the use of (FOSS) Free and Open Source.

FOSS refers to computer software that can be classified as both free software and open-source software. The underlying code of Open Source software is freely available to anyone, who can take the existing code and modify or redistribute it.

Around the world Software Freedom Day is used to raise the profile of free and open source software (FOSS).

The event to be hosted in Guyana will examine research and other ongoing projects.

Donielle Dundas is expected to discuss the possibility of using FOSS in Education, while Roxroy Bollers will look at Data Collection using Open Source Technology.

Naseem Nasir, Vijay Datadin, Roxroy Bollers and Haimwant Persaud will discuss a practical application of QGIS in studying House Lot Utilization. QGIS is one of the free and open source applications which could be used for geographic information systems.

Donald Singh will look at Guyana’s Geonode project which is another example of FOSS in application. The Geonode project at will be a portal for sharing map data from the natural resources agencies, government and even from any other source with authentic spatial data.

The event which is sponsored by local technology company BrainStreet, is open to the public and starts at 13:30hrs.

Some popular free and open source applications include, UBuntu operating system, Audacity audio editor, WordPress content management system, GIMP photo and image editor, OpenOffice word processor, Blender for 3D modelling and animation and VLC media player.